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Yesterday's Free Betting Tips Results

for Iceland matches played on 19 September 2020


Fjolnir vs Knattspyrnufelag Akureyrar

37,27,37 X,1-1,1
3.22 3.88 2.09 U/O: +1.5C.Sc. 1-1BTS: yes

Huginn Hottur vs KF Aegir Thorlakshofn

33,31,37 X,0-0,1
2.17 4.00 2.50 U/O: -2.5C.Sc. 1-1BTS: yes

KFG Gardabaer vs UMF Alftanes

54,29,24 1X,0-0,1
1.36 5.25 6.30 U/O: +2.5C.Sc. 2-1BTS: yes

Vængir Jupiters vs UMF Sindri

63,20,17 1,0-0,1
2.35 3.90 2.49 U/O: +5.5C.Sc. 4-2BTS: yes

Hlíðarendi vs Hamar Hveragerdi

32,8,66 2,0-2,1
2.36 4.20 2.38 U/O: +1.5C.Sc. 1-1BTS: yes

Asvellir vs Kormakur Hvot

68,16,26 1,2-2,1
2.21 4.18 2.55 U/O: +4.5C.Sc. 3-2BTS: yes

UMF Selfoss vs Throttur Vogar

37,16,48 2,1-4,1
1.78 3.82 3.82 U/O: -2.5C.Sc. 1-1BTS: yes

Iþrottafelagið Volsungur vs Kordrengir

25,15,60 2,0-6,1
5.05 4.48 1.50 U/O: -1.5C.Sc. 0-1BTS: no

KF Vidir vs Kári Akranes

37,22,41 12,0-0,1
2.72 3.74 2.22 U/O: -2.5C.Sc. 1-1BTS: yes

Dalvik Reynir vs KF Fjardabyggd

43,32,27 1X,1-3,1
3.70 4.00 1.77 U/O: +1.5C.Sc. 1-1BTS: yes

Afturelding (Women) vs Fjolnir (Women)

79,17,4 1,1-0,1
1.51 4.32 5.25 U/O: -7.5C.Sc. 3-4BTS: yes

Augnablik Kopavogur vs Ellidi

24,17,59 2,4-4,1
1.69 4.32 3.84 U/O: +0.5C.Sc. 0-1BTS: no

UMF Tindastoll (Women) vs IA Akranes (Women)

62,13,31 1,0-0,1
1.18 6.50 9.70 U/O: +2.5C.Sc. 2-1BTS: yes


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